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Mix it with yoghurt, add to muffin dough, use as a topping for a baked apple or a fruit salad.

We blend it to achieve that perfect balance of flavour, to underline the natural aromas and to excite your taste buds.

We put our heart and soul to bring you the product

Locally made, our Granola has nothing but whole foods and natural high quality ingredients.

Berry Granola

Refreshing freeze-dried berries, crunchy nuts and healthy seeds. Naturally sweetened and sealed with coconut oil.

Chocolate Granola

Mouth watering Granola with Belgian chocolate drops. Blends in perfectly creating an exciting harmony of flavours. 

Classic Granola
Original Granola

Crunchy, aromatic, sweet scented. The original Granola is an exquisite mix of delicious nuts and seeds.

The product wouldn't exist without people who put their heart and soul creating the Granola.

Hi! My name is Natasha!
When we opened back in 2015, we were one of the first vegan businesses in Australia, so we really had to build our own roadmap.
We had to innovate and experiment with ingredients to create raw products that have beautifully balanced texture and flavours.
Natasha Petrova Kitchen Remedy
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